Resto Gare Bistro and Train Bar

Family owned since 1983, located in a 1913 St Boniface Train Station with a train car and consistently serving the best French cuisine in Winnipeg.

“The venerable La Vieille Gare restaurant received a facelift (in April 2008), when owner Linda Love peeled away 30 years of white tablecloth dining to reveal Resto Gare, a fresh bistro. If La Vieille Gare was like a distinguished grandmere, then Resto Gare is a hip mama.

With renovations, the space remains one of Winnipeg’s most stunning dining rooms. Historic elements like dark wood framing, grand lighting fixtures and railcar lounge speak of the building’s train station past. Scarlet drapes and elegant upholstery emanate subtle sexiness. A gigantic lipstick red booth now divides the large dining room, and the best seat to snuggle with a date is in front of the industrial-chic fireplace. CIAO Magazine (Feb 2009)

Resto Gare Bistro is the most authentic French restaurant in the St Boniface French Quarter, offers full bilingual service and plays the latest Montreal francophone music. A trip to Winnipeg should include a trip to the French Quarter and we would be pleased if you included Resto Gare Bistro on your itinerary.