Wedding Venue

We have been putting on wedding receptions for couples at our Historic St Boniface train station since 1983.   The number of guests has been as small as 4 to as many as 100.  At Resto Gare we can offer you a special menu and group pricing that will be a significant step above what you can get at a hall or banquet room.  We also offer the ambiance of 1913 train station that has been recently renovated on the inside so that you and your guests will enjoy a warm, classic and romantic bistro environment for your reception.

“Say ‘Oui’ to Timeless Romance at Our Historic Train Station Bistro!

Make your special day unforgettable with a touch of French elegance at Resto Gare, nestled within the charming confines of a historic train station. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the old-world charm of our beautifully restored venue, where every corner exudes romance and sophistication.

From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, our dedicated team is here to bring your dream wedding to life. Picture your guests savouring exquisite French cuisine crafted with passion and precision by our talented chefs, complemented by a curated selection of fine wines and champagne.

Whether you envision a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, our unique setting offers the perfect backdrop for your love story. With historic architecture, vintage-inspired décor, and unparalleled service, Resto Gare Bistro sets the stage for an enchanting celebration that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Contact us today to begin planning your fairy-tale wedding at Resto Gare. Let us create memories as timeless as love itself in the heart of our historic train station bistro.”

Photos taken by Jennifer Lee –