Wedding Venue


We have been putting on wedding receptions for couples at our Historic St Boniface train station since 1983.   The number of guests has been as small as 4 to as many as 100.  At Resto Gare we can offer you a special menu and group pricing that will be a significant step above what you can get at a hall or banquet room.  We also offer the ambiance of 1913 train station that has been recently renovated on the inside so that you and your guests will enjoy a warm, classic and romantic bistro environment for your reception.

Our Bistro is so romantic that many of our wedding couples come back year after year to celebrate their anniversary.  Now you can’t do that in a hall.

Where a group is large enough to book the entire room about 70 to 100 for the dining room and about 28 to 42 for the train, we can offer extra services such as wireless microphone, PowerPoint projector and your music (from IPod or IPhone) playing on our music system.

Photos taken by Jennifer Lee –