A fantastic bit of Winnipeg's culture, and delightfully french fine dining. The restaurant is a train smushed into the old train station, with every bit of its interior and exterior oozing with character. Cozy carpeteting, china cups and crystal chandeliers. They reportedly get packed on live jazz nights.

Kris Engel Avatar Kris Engel
May 21, 2022

We decided to have our Company Christmas party dinner at the restaurant this year. Everyone on our team loved the food and the ambiance. The server was extremely attentive and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Resto Gare to anyone who is looking to have a group dinner.

Jennifer Tarnopolski Avatar Jennifer Tarnopolski
January 28, 2020

Wonderful spot for date night or going out with friends. Absolutely love their patio, but it can be a bit noisy at times but still worth it. Fantastic food and always consistently great service.

Matt Strength Avatar Matt Strength
January 15, 2020

Absolutely wonderful experience, the service was excellent and the young man who attended to us was precisely attentive enough to make for a good dining experience. The food was premium and delicious. The coffee was too. I highly recommend for a nice Winnipeg meal and would return for lunch again if I wanted a nice place. I had the quiche and the crust was flaky and not soggy, wonderful food, great people too. Reservations 100% required for fancy new years supper meal but it was no problem getting in for a late lunch. Worth calling in advance if you're going for the standard 11-1 5-6 meal windows, and for a holiday supper you have to reserve. We made it just in time for them to be transitioning for the supper crowd but they served us lunch anyway at 3pm, we just snuck in. Thanks! Merci!

Tiffany Munro Avatar Tiffany Munro
December 31, 2019